To start the ball rolling, I thought you might like to read one of my pieces that was recently published on the Extinction Rebellion Writers Rebel website. The article makes a case for an ultimate return to a pre-industrial climate, with atmospheric carbon dioxide levels down to…
In light of the COP26 betrayal, will this be the world of our great-grandchildren? We can't let it happen.
Betrayal in Glasgow means dangerous climate change is now inevitable
Why are fossil fuel companies, their funders, and others with poor environmental credentials, on the list of conference sponsors?
The pandemic is like a ‘waterless flood’ that is bracing us for what new studies suggest are much larger ones to come
Should we worry about a flank collapse and tsunami?
We need a public education campaign focused on the climate emergency. And we need it now!
Why faking a volcanic blast to tackle the climate emergency is a very bad idea
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