Thanks for the support Geoffrey. We need as many people on the streets as possible. In the UK, US and worldwide.

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"It is becoming ever clearer that the only way to get governments and world leaders to act as they should is through grass-roots pressure that forces them to do so."

It's not going to happen. It's just not, and pretending it might illustrates a profound failure to appreciate the inhuman nature of petropolytics.

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Absolutely on point. The top officials in government, their ears bent to money, and without a lick of scientific knowledge are blind to reality, as are those bending their ears. They live in a false reality, and we'll be fortunate if we don't witness catastrophic, world-wide agricultural, economic, and social breakdown. In Europe, I see the protests and the people willing to go to jail. Here, in the US, very little so far. If you're older, and in the US, give Bill McKibben's ThirdAct.org a look. It seeks for older citizens (me) to pull their wealth from fossil fuel supporting banks. 102 protests took place recently, I was at one, it's a start, and a way to support younger people who don't have the wealth, "To put their mouths where their money is."

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Hi Bill,

Many thanks for explaining that and for all you're doing with patenting and providing an expert witness!

Are you working with CASP (Climate Action Supprt Pathway) on that? How is it working practically, as judges seem to be ruling out the climate science from our cases, even when they let us speak?

That's brilliant that you are up for joining a march at some point. Would you be able to do a 30 second video telling people who you are and why you will join the marches when you can? Mobilising is the key to how quickly we can create sufficient pressure for change to get our demand met and inspire 1000s of new campaigns like Just Stop Oil. So a short video which you can share to your followers and which we can share would be brilliant.

We will also be holding Mobilising marches in Sheffield, Derby and other places nearer to you, so perhaps you could attend one of those once we have them up and running?which is your nearest town or city?

BTW, I started reading Roger's uncorrected proof version of your book yesterday, great work!


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Thanks for this Bill, the key here, and each time we write or intervene is to focus on our pathways to action and making these as enticing and effective as possible. As the Big One has now passed (I was there all 4 days & it was every bit as inspiring as you said it would be) will you please attend one of the weekly marches organised by the coalition of groups supporting Just Stop Oil? and the no brainer demand of No New Licenses for Oil, Coal or gas? Those within the coalition include groups such as Fuel Poverty Action and Fossil Fuel Free London, as well as individuals such as Chris Packham and George Monbiot. Will you join us? we march from Parliament Square 12 noon every Saturday. Every Saturday March is legal and open to all, yet also highly effective now that all the major parties have adopted this demand except one...can you guess which? So the more people that join us in marching the more pressure we can pile onto politicians to meet our demand...feel free to text of call me as we'd love to coordinate with you ahead of your attendance to make the most of it (07749772092) best wishes, Larch

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